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Benefits of Energy Therapies explained

Energy Therapies (Reiki & Access BARS, Chakra Healings, Spinal Flow sessions) all differ in application and often the outcomes are different for each individual.

Mostly they relax and give clarity/focus and often hugely benefit people with assisting with pain, clearing energy flow, meridians, nervous systems and emotions.

Energy works on the Chakras, the meridians, the acupressure points and it is all pain-free and no needles used. Depending on your requirements, I use the therapy that best applies.

Sometimes it’s best to start with Reiki or BARS, then progress to a more individualised session with ECR.

How Reiki has helped my clients

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia (difficulty sleeping)
  • Better circulation helping with pain relief of swelling & wounds
  • Assisted with healing by improving blood and oxygen flow to ‘hurt swollen & surgical’ wounds
  • Dizziness and ringing in ears
  • Help with anxiety and coping – when the mind clutter & chatter stops, clarity and focus is an added bonus
  • Help with stress
  • Help with improving connections in the body where scar tissue and nerve connections have weakened
  • Tapping (EFT) is used by many health practitioners to help with trauma and stress.

What They Say

  • I was recently suffering with vertigo and high anxiety and Arthritis. Rhonda did Reiki Energy Healing and the Access BARS, much to my surprise I went into a light sleep which was extremely, my ears then stopped buzzing and I fully slept.
    Also my hand were suffering arthritis pain in the finger joints, terribly swollen, daily pain and having bad knees. I don’t know what I would do without this great energy healing by Rhonda and her sincere understanding.

    ​Allanah’s 2nd treatment
    ​Today I have enjoying wonderful energy healing work.
    I have improved with my Vertigo not as bad, also my ringing (ears) has eased. Today we had some Reiki, beautiful hot healing energies you can feel them go right to the spot.
    The arthritis in my knees still aching, so today some more good hot energy. Also my neck needed some work which Rhonda did, feels good already.

    Allanah’s journey…​Vertigo, arthritis & anxiety
  • Have been having treatments off Rhonda the last few days (Reiki) for a badly swollen leg. The Reiki helped tremendously in easing the pain and helping with the swelling. Rhonda also has been helping me for a long time with my PTSD which has troubled me for years, she helped me with a very bad episode a few years back, when nothing else seemed to help. A wonderful healer thoroughly recommend her.

    Barbara’s Journey….​Cystitis & PTSD
  • Amazing! Felt so refreshed. Kind and caring person wanting to help thank you so much!

    Shenee – 5 stars 2018
  • Had my first Reiki session ever. I had never tried Reiki before and was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt. It was kind of like being massaged but more relaxing. Massage can be a bit heavy going. The warmth from the hands really helped with the tightness in my chest and shoulders. I felt very calm afterwards. Would definitely like to have another go.

    Joy – 5 stars – May 2019 – Reiki
  • verbal testimonial
    …after his appointment, he called me to say “you will never guess what happened to me? I woke up with an erection, first time in 20 years”.

    Mr XXX’s Journey – Access Body & Spinal Flow
  • Had my reiki session yesterday. Was wonderfully relaxing and I went home feeling great. By mid afternoon my energy kicked in… highly recommend.

    Toni – July 2019

10+ Years Experience

With over 10 years of experience, Rhonda has worked on people aged 15 to 85 with good results.


Reiki I & II

Rhonda is certified in Reiki I & II, the Japanese process to clear the meridians of emotional blocks.


Emotional Cellular Ordering

Rhonda is certified in Emotional Cellular Ordering, which takes you into the energy of an issue.


(EFT) Tapping

Qualified to practice tapping, a simple process done on the acupuncture points whilst saying statements assisting in dispersing the “negative charge” of an issue.


Access BARS

Rhonda is certified as a Access BARS & Advanced Body Work practitioner.


Crisis Care

Rhonda has also studied a Diploma of Counselling and has worked for the Salvation Army Telephone Crisis Care Line.

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